A Prayer

Dear God, I wake in the night and cannot sleep, and my thoughts turn to You. I look out the window and see the branches swaying in the breeze. Those trees will soon have leaves. When I was young, faith was easy, a blanket wrapped around me. As I grew older, doubts came, and I was glad to let go of that belief and not have to live up to that difficult way – always falling into what I saw as sins and having to ask forgiveness and trying to live better and never managing it. Without you, I could live as I pleased. Now, after many more years, I want to find my way back. I know You are the only source of wholeness, and even though certainty escapes me, I pray, hoping to know Your presence. Thank you that hope remains and love and creativity and the qualities I think of as yours even though I may never know you quite so simply. But I don’t know what will happen today. Your will be done. Open my heart and my eyes to see the signs you leave for me. Perhaps, I will find you in the people I meet. Amen.

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