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To Thy Holy Name

There’s a record I used to listen to during my time at South Nutfield Free Church. A few years later, when I started work as a computer programmer, I had a colleague who had been a musician on the album. I have only just realised the connection now I look at the sleeve notes. I picked up the record at a charity shop today for £1. At the time, I wasn’t committed to my faith, and I probably wouldn’t have appreciated the significance of knowing him. But, a song from the record would sometimes pop into my head after I came back to belief. Just the line “Not to us, oh Lord. But to thy Holy name give honour and glory.”

Now I know the record name, I have found it on youtube. For anyone interested in exploring old Christian ‘pop, rock or folk’ music, the YouTube channel CCM Preservation is a treasure trove.

Holy Holy

I still have the cassette but not the T Shirt or stickers. This is a song from Come Together. Its easier to play on youtube than try to splice the broken cassette tape and find a cassette player that won’t chew up the tape. I enjoy the progressions of this one, the words Precious Jesus, the invocation to fill our hearts anew, not at my (our, your) choosing but in God’s time.