Annual Nutfield Mission walk 2022

The next walk will be on Sunday 23rd October 2022. Meet at 1 pm at South Nutfield Village Hall. Everybody welcome whether you remember the Free Church or not. The route is a figure 8 so you can do part if you prefer. I will leave my mobile on this site on the day so you can track us down.

Holy Spirit Come to Us

Today we remember Pentecost and the Queen’s Jubilee. At church this morning we remembered the Queen’s service for seventy years and how she has served God and people and has shown in her life the gifts of the Spirit: faithfulness, love, patience, kindness, self-control, modesty. peace, joy …’

Holy Holy

I still have the cassette but not the T Shirt or stickers. This is another song from Come Together. Its easier to play on youtube than try to splice the broken cassette tape and find a cassette player that won’t chew up the tape. I enjoy the progressions of this one, the words Precious Jesus, the invocation to fill our hearts anew. One evening at the manse after a service at SNFC people laid on hands for us to be filled. It has never happened quite like that, but there have been times when a well of love and praise has welled up from inside. Not at my (our, your) choosing but in God’s good loving time.

To be a Pilgrim

For 5 years I worked in Bedford where John Bunyan lived and was imprisoned. There was a statue to him, and a museum, and a Bunyan Trail. I found the place where he was baptised and visited Elstow, the site of Vanity Fair and the wicket gate. I read both Pilgrims Progress, 1 and 2, and Grace Abounding. He thought himself the greatest sinner for thoughts he had. His life was a pilgrimage which he made into a book.

Life is like a pilgrimage. Each is on their own way. And sometimes there are companions for a while to journey on the way, which is why I remember South Nutfield so well, and my friends there. We have lost contact. I missed them a lot when I returned to faith in 2002. I still pray for them.

I attend a different church in a different town and have different friends. But I do this website and blog for old time. It may be backward looking, but I find in the past and my youth inspiration for the future.

Take this Moment – Heaven shall not wait

Here are two songs written by John Bell. The first is ‘Take this moment’. It had the last verse:
Take my talents, take my skills,
Take what’s yet to be;
Let my life be yours, and yet
Let it still be me.

We sang them either side of the sermon, of the church where I now go. The sermon was about the readings from Matthew’s gospel: : The Talents, and The Sheep and Goats.

The sheep were welcomed with ‘ for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.‘ The servant given one talent feared his master and so buried the money for safe keeping. The others worked used the master’s money and multiplied it.

What point Jesus was trying to get across. Which of those servants do you most identify with? The servant who hid the money was driven by fear. That fear stopped him taking any risk at all. Could the talents equate to gifts God has given us? It appears that all the servants wanted to please their master but one feared and did not use his gifts. Taken together these two parables might be saying: don’t fear, use the gifts God has given you for his Kingdom.

The second song was ‘Heaven Shall not wait’, also by John Bell, where Christians are called to live the values of the Kingdom now – heaven shall not wait.

Give Thanks

Thank you God for this morning, the sunshine, the tall trees with the hanging branches and leaves, the call of the wood pigeon, fresh air through my window. Thank you for this life. This moment.