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18 September 1889 – Surrey Mirror

A harvest thanksgiving was held today. Fruit, vegetables and flowers were given and lent by various friends, and decorated the windows and the front of the rostrum. The proceedings commenced with a tea in the room adjoining, which has lately been added for the use of the Sunday School and the various meetings that are held every night of the week. Messages were given by a number of speakers to a crowded hall afterwards including one by Mr J.J. Jones, of Brighton, which dwelt forcibly with the fact so many fruits of the earth are wasted in the manufacture of intoxicants. The evening ended at around 10, and the fruits and vegetables were sent with Rev. J. Chadburn from the Borough of Poplar in London, to distribute among the poor of his parish.

29 April 1893 – Surrey Mirror

A meeting in connection with the South Nutfield Temperance Society was held in the Mission Hall, Middle-street, on Monday evening. Solos, addresses, readings, and recitations were given by the various villagers, and all helped make the evening enjoyable. Previous to this meeting the Band of Hope held a meeting, at which there was fair attendance.

12 August 1893 – Surrey Mirror

Special services were held in the Mission Hall on Sunday last, in connection with the Sunday School held there. The morning service was conducted the pastor, Mr. D Braby, whilst Messrs. Rivolti. Spence and Harvey took part in the other meetings. On Bank Holiday the school treat was held in a field close to the Mission Hall, by the kind permission of Mr. Maw. The children marched to the field at one o’clock, and very soon they were enjoying themselves in swings, games, etc. The feature of the afternoon however, was a cricket match, played by the Bible Class against the Teachers, which resulted in victory for the youngsters by seventeen runs. At 4.30 a good tea was provided for them in the hall, and soon afterwards over sixty parents and friends also had tea. Amongst these were Mr. and Mrs. Pook, snr., Mr. and Mrs. Pook, junr., Mr. Marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Agate, etc. After tea there were the usual variety of races, games and so forth, but in addition to this, each child attending the school received a suitable gift kindly provided by several good friends.

5th October 1902 – Surrey Mirror

The services today were conducted by the Rev. Dr Braby, former pastor of this mission for many years, who preached both morning and evening to crowded congregations. The Rev D Braby will also conduct both services on Sunday, October 19th, before he returns to his work in the south of France.

9th May 1903- Surrey Mirror

Young friends from the ‘Hope of Blechingley’ Juvenile Temple paid a visit today, and entertained members of the South Nutfield Mission. Miss Cawley played the organ and the music and singing was much appreciated by all.

11th July 1916 – Surrey Mirror

Application was made by W. T. Smith, the mission pastor at South Nutfield Mission for exemption from military service on conscientious grounds

16th Jan 1922 – Surrey Mirror

The annual Sunday School treats were held today. Tea was served to 48 scholars and 40 parents. A meeting followed, starting with the children’s favorite hymn “Jesus loves me: this I know”, and a short address given by Mr Brackley, then the children’s “Sunshine Chorus” was sung. Useful garments, prepared by Mrs. Ashdown and members of the Women’s meeting, were given as prizes by Mr W Pook. Then “Daddy Christmas” appeared, causing great fun, distributing toys from the huge Christmas tree. There followed a number of games in which parents also took part. The teas were arranged by Mr. and Mrs. E.A Bristow.

5th July 1941 – Surrey Mirror

WEDDING – The marriage of Mr. S. Leadbetter and Miss J. Ashdown took place today at South Nutfield Mission Hall, where both have worshiped since childhood. The service was conducted by Rev. W. G. Channon, of the Baptist Tabernacle, Redhill. Mr J. Francis was on the organ. The bride, who was given away by her father, was attired in a flowered silk mauve dress with picture hat and carried a bouquet of pink carnations. She was attended by her sister (Miss Christina Ashdown) who wore a green flowered dress and carried a bouquet of pink rambler roses and syringa. Mr R. G. Ashdown was best man. The Hall was nicely decorated for the occasion by friends, and many were present at the ceremony. The reception was held in the adjoining hall, which was also prettily decorated, the guests numbering about 40. Many useful gifts were received including a dinner service from the fellow-workers of S.J.A.B of which the bride is a member, and from First Aid wardens and A.F.S personnel of the South Nutfield division. Mr and Mrs J. Leadbetter are making their home in South Nutfield.

17th November 1943 – Surrey Mirror

At the anniversary service, a report by the Hon. Superintendent of the work accomplished during the last year, demonstrated that it had been a year of steady progress. The Chairman, Mr. S.F. Wilkinson (Reigate) said the world was seeking joy and happiness and these could be found in the service of Jesus Christ. After the offertory, and a musical item by the children, a helpful address was given by Mr. A Gwilliam, of Redhill. He illustrated his talk with a model representing the number one, to which he added five printed exhortations taken from the Old and New Testaments, which, if practiced in the Christian’s life, would make him well pleasing to God.

May 18th 1945 – South Nutfield Victory Tea – Surrey Mirror and County Post

– On Wednesday last week a victory tea was held outside the Mission Schoolroom for the children living in Mid Street and outlying districts. More than 100 children gathered around well sprea tables of sandwiches, iced and fancy cakes and sausage rolls, with tea and soft drinks. Much amusement was caused by two late comers, who arrived in fancy dress. A short service of thanksgiving was held in the adjoining Mission Hall, and as the children left the service to go to the Schoolroom for community singing they were each given a bright shilling as a mometo of Victory and on the Monday following, each child was given an ice cream. Thanks are due to all who made this party possible.

28th October 1946 – Diamond Jubilee – Surrey Mirror

The diamond jubilee anniversary of the opening of the South Nutfield Mission was celebrated today. In the evening the hall was filled with members of the Mission and friends and ministers from neighbouring churches. In his remarks the Chairman mentioned some interesting particulars stated in the Trust deeds of the building. The address was given by Rev. J Chalmer Lyon of Hamstead Presbyterian Church on Malachi ch 3 v 17 “They shall be mine when I make up My jewels” giving instances of men and women who had been brought into God’s kingdom through the power of Jesus Christ. Afterwards many friends met in the schoolroom for refreshments. Four friends were present there who were there at the opening 60 years ago. They were: Mr. and Mrs. E.A Bristow, Mrs. R. Leadbetter and Mr. G. Penfold.

3rd and 4th October 1948

Harvest Thanksgiving services were held on Sunday 3rd October, when the preacher was Mr A. Howick, of Coulsdon, and thanks were extended to all who helped with gifts of fruit, vegetables and flowers to make the services attractive.

On Monday evening the 62nd anniversary service took place, and a good company of the congregation and friends from other churches attended. The Rev. Bob T. Lamb of Reigate Free Church gave an inspiring address. He said the church was established and endowed by God with grace and peace, and should be prepared to work, to witness and wait for the coming of Christ’s Kingdom.

12th December 1949 – Surrey Mirror

A large company assembled this evening to show their appreciation of the loving service of Mrs. Rose Leadbetter, extending over 60 years as worker and organiser. Mr. W. L. Pinkess presided, and after a short service, and solos, and recitations, testimonies were given by various friends who had been associated with Mrs. Leadbetter in the work of the mission. The Chairman then presented her with a purse of Treasury notes, and an album, in which were inscribed the names of 100 contributors. Refreshments were served, and carols bought the proceedings to a close.

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