Baptism at Seaford

We went down on Friday evening from South Nutfield Free Church. We then had a prayer meeting, and went to stay in the homes of our hosts from Seaford church.

On Saturday morning we went down to find the seaside baptismal spot. The beach looked steep and stony and the weather rough.

In the afternoon we went down again to the sea in a convoy of 8-9 cars. The sea had gone out revealing beautiful sand, and the sun come out for the first time in ages.

The church elders, Ken and Phil, baptised 6 of us in the sea: Ed, Ali, Jane, Andy, Sue and Ian.

On Sunday morning we had a time of worship and praise to Jesus. The ministry that morning said that Christians are no longer subject to trying to do the Law, but have died and are alive again in a love relationship with Jesus. Because we love him we want to do what he wants.

There was more ministry from Terry Virgo in the afternoon. God loves us as we are. We should develop this love with Jesus more and more, and enjoy everything around us, because it is from God.

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