To be a Pilgrim

For 5 years I worked in Bedford where John Bunyan lived and was imprisoned. There was a statue to him, and a museum, and a Bunyan Trail. I found the place where he was baptised and visited Elstow, the site of Vanity Fair and the wicket gate. I read both Pilgrims Progress, 1 and 2, and Grace Abounding. He thought himself the greatest sinner for thoughts he had. His life was a pilgrimage which he made into a book.

Life is like a pilgrimage. Each is on their own way. And sometimes there are companions for a while to journey on the way, which is why I remember South Nutfield so well, and my friends there. We have lost contact. I missed them a lot when I returned to faith in 2002. I still pray for them.

I attend a different church in a different town and have different friends. But I do this website and blog for old time. It may be backward looking, but I find in the past and my youth inspiration for the future.

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