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Welcome to Phil Stone

We welcomed Phil and Chris Stone and baby Marc to live in the Manse and share in the leadership of the church. Phil has spent three years at bible college, and works in insurance in London. He also writes and plays Christian music, and has been a youth worker. Phil has already visited to preach a number of times last year.

Today before a packed church, Phil Stone was appointed to the Eldership of the church. Five people laid hands on Phil and prayed for him. These were Mr A. Howick and Mr R. La Trobe, previous pastors, to show the continuity of the work; Revd.S Wakeling as an act of unity with all Christians; Mr Ken Sheppard, who will be sharing the responsibilities; and Mr Phil Rogers.

Phil Rogers called for all Christians in the Village to share their one Lord and one faith in love.

Rodney’s last service

Rodney La Trobe led his last service at the church this Easter Day with a communion service.

Rodney has been here since 1969, and has had a great influence in the village particularly in his work with young people – setting up Jucos, Covenanters, a youth club, and bible study groups. He took us on lots of outings and adventures in the second hand cars he sold. He would sometimes take us Covenanters to the caves behind his parents shop in Reigate where we would set up candles in the alcoves and play football underground. He also took us go-karting on an unused road circuit, and built a railway circuit in the loft above the vestry. I remember in particular a khaki coloured Mini Moke and how we used to sing…

‘Oh you’ll never get to heaven
in Rodney’s car.
Cause Rodney’s car
won’t get that far’

The song had many verses we would make up. The only other I remember was ‘….Rodney’s van… is in a jam.’

First Bible Study

I went to the first bible study led by Rodney this evening. There was only Malcolm and me there so I felt a bit embarrassed not more boys from Covenanters had come along.

Steven Ashby was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was a prefect when I started at Albury Manor and was on the same coach. His brother still comes to Albury Manor.

Not Lukewarm

We go to Nutfield Evangelical Free Church. Mr Howick is the pastor and Mrs Leadbetter plays the organ. Mr Ashdown who is over 90 and a bit deaf sits at the back and welcomes people. Mr Shepherd reads the notices and makes some jokes.

There were about 15 people here this morning and Mr Howick preached on a verse from Revelation. ‘Because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.’

Mr Howick said his wife cooks very good rice pudding but he likes it best when it is piping hot, not lukewarm. He said God wants us to be like that for him, real Christians all week long not just people who come to church every Sunday.