Tempted in the Desert

South Nutfield Free Church does not exist as a physical building. Those of us who once attended there in 1950s-80s will be in their 40s – 100s. This blog is part of a personal pilgrimage, and not written on behalf of the whole church. Keep that in mind if you do read this and email me (at southnutfieldfreechurch@gmail.com) if you would like to also contribute. Two or three voices together would be better than one.

I am currently reading the Old and New Testament in tandem. I have just got to David being made King of Israel in 2 Samuel. I have this morning read Jesus tempted in the desert in Luke 4. The parallels with the Israelites 40 year journey through the wilderness are clear. Each temptation in Luke is answered by Jesus with a text from Deuteronomy and Israel’s wilderness experience. The ‘Thou shalt not live by bread alone’ verse came in the context of the Israelites being fed on Manna from Heaven.

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